Sunday, December 30, 2007


So kkkkkatie finally put up a challenge that didnt require a pic!LOL This week is all about lists resolutions good and bad all things 2007! Not sure where to start though! Not a real resolution person here but maybe some things Id like to accomplish in 08

1 Clean and organize this darn scraproom. I am NOT buying anything all year! I need to do osme purging as well as find a syste that will work for me! Ive bought the book The Organized and Inspired Scrap booker. I may be too far gone for even that!LOL
2 Stay on the path to good health. Get back to the riverplex 4x a week! Stop using lame excuses too. Too late in the day, too clumsy-though watching me try some hip hop moves was pretty entertaining I must say!

Keeping the list small for now. ill add if i think of something else!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blog challenge #1

My bodys' failing me miserably! Ask me why?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday happenings

Kind of a busy day today! Im sure missing my SB friends as they are all together scrapping in INDY this weekend. This was the weekend that there was supposed to be a wedding reception but it all fell through and we went to ST Louis last weekend. No worries weve already got a full Saturday planned with Taking Olivia to the apple orchard thats about 40 miles from here. My neice Katy and her dh are coming to town also so we are going to have a big family dinner tomorrow night of crockpot Jambalaya! this stuff is seriously good! I may post the recipie here so keep looking! Id do it now but I have to go to the gym today so no time! Just wanted to put something down for the end of the week! Ive been helping watch Olivia all week as she got a cold from her cousin! Darn that Ivory! And I m pretty sure that Im coming down with it too! Ok need to get moving lots to do today!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monda Monday

Oh and am I feling the tript o ST Louis! it went really well. Got a bit later start than we thought on Saturday so we didnt get there till about 1230 and stayed and visited with FIL and family till about 4 or so. He recognized us but isnt talking. We did gat a few chuckles out of him though so that was good. Checked into the hotel about 5pm then went to dinner and back to the hotel about 8. We both fell asleep right away! A bit disappointed in the breakfast that the hotel offered. It was supposed to be fab, but it was powdered eggs-blech! It was Ok though since Id brought lots of good road food. Good for you road food too! We went back for a short bit and said our goodbyes to Ike for the last time, then on the road for P-town at 1030. Made a few rest stops and got back around 1pm.Id left a mess so I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and hemming a new pair of jeans. Then to Sues for supper and my birthday! Terry made this fab dessert. Olivia was the cutest! Well lots to do on this Monday!So Im cutting things short!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Oil change and new tires!

Yep thats what my friday is consisting of! Im off here in a bit to get new tires and an oil change for out upcoming trip to STL tomorrow! FIL not ex[ected to make it so were going to see him prob for the last time:( Its making me pretty sad but thats life.Hellbe out of his misery.Then to the gym! Sorry for such a shot post for today! Went out yesterday and got a black dress and fab red shoes! Anne Kleins for 50 bucks!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday 10

Yeah Im shamelessly stealing this from KatieJ! So ehres 10 things in no particular order the I love today

1. Hubbys phat bank acct! buying more mutual funds!
2. Getting a new driveway today. I dont thinkits that b ad but its been driving Ike crazy lately! So there goes 2K!
3. After over 3 months on the waiting list my Bo Bunny Flexi ruler came in! Picking it up today as soon as the lss opens! Yay!
4 My new little flower bed I put in. Just did it last Thursday to freshen up the front a bit. Plnated some white and peach ransies that are supposed to come back next spring...well see?
5. Happy to b e feeling better. UC went out of remission for about a week but my guts def better today.
6. Olivia! Everything she does and says! She so smart, coordinated beyond that of a 4 yr old! She loves to walk around kicking a ball in front of her! Most 15 mo old babies are still a bit wobbly! not her shes also doing sommersaults by herself!
7. MY body! Yeah you read that right! Even with my limitations Im amazed at what it does for me.
8. Starting to organize the scrap room! For as oranized as it will ever be!LOL
9. cooler weather thats moving in! I want to wear some of my pants before they are too small!LOL
10. comfy clothes. yeah I cheated a bit but its true! Nothing like yoga pants and a tshirt!

Ok thats it for today!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Hey! Its Monday again! Katies challenge is to dress up our blog. So be on the lookout for changes! Ive been realy busy in the garden as of late! Doing the things that I was too sick to do in the spring and hot summer. Were having something called a Red October. Meaning Iguess that its still hot! Doh! Wed is suppoed to b e cooler. I thank God everyday for the blessing of A/c and new windows! Ive been really having those nesting feelingske you get at henend of your pregnancy thuh Im far too old for that!LOL Just wanting to work on some things around the house Painting mostly. Its been 10 yrs since hte loving room was painted and we had somew ater damage before we got the new roof last year so this will keep us busy this winter! I want everything to be bright and sunny as my scraproom is.Amanda got me hooked on bright white trim and I just love it. I made the mistake of not using enamel but this room wont see much in the way of finger tips! The rest of the house will need it! Wonder why I feel like this? Maybe cause I actually looked at a house in what Id consider our price range and it was a total dump! So we are here to stay! Ok gota find something my stomach can handle befor i go to the Plex!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Katies challenge

Youll never guess what happened...Im actually sticking with the workout thing! And my arms which Ive hated in the past dont look as cottage-cheesey anymore! Could it be muscle? Ilove the class that Im in. Fu n workout, lots of great songs and...DANCING! Im a dancer from waaayyyy back to when I was 15 and sneaking into the clubs with my bff Judy! I had a very wild side to me before I settled down with dh! And I guess thats another never guess what happened topic! Weve managed to stay together and still like each others company for almost 30 yrs! Well weve been together for 32 but do two yrs of cohabitation count?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Sept 10

Well today is a special day for someone I know so Happy Birthday Katie! Wow youre 31 today. Hopelife is treating you well! Had to fam dinner night. Olivia was in such a funny mood! being so silly. WE stole lots of sugar from her(kisses), and she didnt protest too awfully much! Ok Kelli its sort of updated! I slept like shit last night! These night sweats have returned with a vengance plus the Temp bed is sort of hot too, and Ive got about 10 mosquito bites! So when i got hot or sweaty theyd itch like crazy. so I tossed and turned most of the night, and finaly gave up about 5:45. Went to the Olex today and worked out there for about 2 hrs or so then came home and washed last nights dishes, folede a load of clothes, took some clothes that dont fit out of my drawers, to make room for new ones!! Well its raining and i am falling asleep at the keys so Im off for now! Love you all!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday madness!

Well it took me long enough but I finally got signed back in! Im so behind on Katies Challenges its isnt funny! Mostly cause it took me forever to get signed in but I figgered it out! Had a great bff (no doesnt stand for best freinds forever, some thing way more sinister!LOL) weeknd at Tammys house!Went to the expo wastn worth a darn! Drive home was lovely nothing but blue skies! listened to a green day cd about 3 times! I forgot to bring the others with me.I cant blog long today as Ive got a million things to do like wash an ass load of dishes!! Mostly from dinner last night! Then work out at the Plex at 1030 come home shower and run to the store before a 2pm appt with the Diabetes educator! Yikes! Then may go to a garden club meeting tonight! I havent been all summer! Somewhere in there also unpack my scrap stuff!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday blisteringly hot!

Well its been in the 90s for the past 4 or 5 days and doesnt look like itll break anytime too soon. Were under a meterorologic "ring of fire". Its where theres a huge blocking high pressure system that wont allow anything in like cooler temps and for us rain, in it! Im really tired of watering everything right now! I have a garden stone that says "I think the weeds are winning" and its so true. I get these weedy looking things with the prettiest creamy flowers on them. not a cutting type of flower but just along the stems. So hey maybe someone will actually think theyre supposed to be there!LOL The diabetes thing is such a challenge in my life right now! High highs and low lows! Excercise makes it worse! Im just freakin ravenous the rest of the day. Did i mention that I hate insulin?? I hate having ot test 4+ time sa day, taking insulin at least 4 times a day! Just think of all those shots!Ok rant over! Im gonna skip outta here shower and go to ON to return some online stuff I bought!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday new blog Challenge

Thanks for something not so heavy! Well last weeks didnt have to be heavy but itd been on my mind for years now! So what inspires me? Lots of things1 Mostly bright colors and Flowers! I know everyoe out there thought itd be Olivia and yes seeing her photos does send me running for the scraproom! But I like the ordinary quiet everyday things, like my bright green basil, deep purple petunias, and a cool green planter I got at HL a week or so ago. Other gals SB pages will also inspire me. Again I love the bright colors and different ways they arrange pics, bellies and such. Other things like the Bible. It inspires me to be a better person (Iknow hard to believe right? lol) and appreciate what Ive got right now, today. To be more Christ-like when I dont want to be! In Feb when I joined over at SBP they had to coolest All moth long event with daily challenges. One was to do a Lo on who inspires me. At that moent it was Ike. he is patient kind, slow to anger, always gives people, even me, the benefit of the doubt. I love him more each passing yr. This Nov will be our 30th wedding anniversary. Not sure what well do but I want to do something big! For an IR couple ANY year is a big one!! Well now that Ive thouht about Olivia I want to sgo and start her b-day album so Im outta here!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


this is such a lazy day fo both Ike and I. He worked for a bit this am, and i went na dwked out and came home, made lunch then to Wal Mart. Got into some trouble on the way home wih my bs which set off feeding frenzy when i got home. Oh I hatethis! then slept for 1 1/2 hrs. Finlay got Joe in just now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I finally had y big appt with the Diabetes resource center yesterday.Overwhelmed is a real understatement for all that happened. First my sugar was really high, whick I knew it would be. And finally finally someone agrees that Ive probably got Type I and not Type II. but that really cant be confirmed untilmy sugar comes dodwna bit. So until then Im trying to absorb all that has happened.For some reason all i could do was cry all day. Im sure that some of it is the fact that the NP said to expwct alot of weight gain. Ive just felt so crummy all day and I know that i can do this but just not all at once! Today will be stressful and daunting as well. The big move is still going to happen and Ike and I have to go yet once again and pack up all of his dads things and get hin ready for tomorrow! (Thursday) Had a bad bout with restless leg tonight abd now its 4 am and I cant sleep. Thats why Im here! Imtaking Terry to the dentist to have a tooth pulled, would like to work out but not sure thats going to happen. I really want to but its going to be an already full day so thats very iffy. I probably shouldnt with all thats going on. Oh and Ive got to go rent a wheelchair too! So if you happen to read this keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Katies Challenge # 5

Hi Dad! Hows everything in heaven? We are all fine down here but even though its been 11 years since your passing I miss you more each day! Some things that have happened since youve been gone! Wow I guess well start with babies! Kristen had her baby, a boy named Tommy Jr. Chuck and Susie have 3 kds now! Samantha, Mara, and lil Pete. All three have our big brown eyes. Amanda wetn on to compete in the dance division and they won 2nd place in the nationals in Myrtle Beach! Went on the following year to win 1st in their division! She graduated from High School but only because we finally after all those yrs of guessing found out htat she had ADD. She was on meds for about a yr and a half but has been off them ever since. She decided to go to ICC and after 4 yrs she made it! She is a Graphic Designer now and works at the Casino of all places!LOL In her freshman year she met a guy that she actually went to school with at Mueller School waaaay back when. They were both working at Target. Youd like him alot too! Hes sweet and loves his Amanda which is all that matters. They moved in together in 1999 and married two years later in a ceremony that was so beautiful at the big Lutheran Church on Allen road. We invited Mary but she declined and sent a gift. They bought their first house in 2003, a nice 2 story on east Maywood. 3 bedrooms and a nice yard complete with a wooden swing set and fort tyoe of thing with a slide! last year they brought OliviaPearl into the world. Yes Pearl is for your mom and you too! I cant tell you how much shes like Amanda! And yes Grandkids are the best!! We ahve dinner together every Sunday. She is Ikes litlte doll! And she loves her Paw Paw!She talks all the time, and loves to run. Remember how Amanda didnt wak much but ran everywhere? Well shes like that too. Well on to Emily. My goodness where to start. She too graduated from high school but with high honors! She was in the NHS, and recieved several scholarships for of all places Bradley! She was 21st in her class of just over 300. She was smart and hung out with all the smart kids so Im sure some of it rubbed off on her! She didnt play volleyball like we thought she would but swam all 4 years for Central! That was hard work but she did well, going all the way to Regionals her senior year. She lived on campus all four years at Bradley, and stayed with the same roommate all 4 yrs. Their jr and senior year were spent living in an apt with two other girls off campus but still connected with Bradley. I think they were just starting to build them the last time you were here. When she graduated she worked at methodist for about 3 years. Shes had some rocky times over the past 3 years. I hate to even mention this but its part of whats been going on in our lives since we last saw you. She was drugged and raped two years ago. This is probably the darkest time for us as a family. She had 3 suicide attempts over the next 4 months and finally was put on the Psych floor for a few days to get her head straight. She couldnt work for 6 mos and left her dream job of L&D to work on the skilled floor. She was in counselling for over a year but has come through shining, somewhat like her old self but different too. She had a somewhat boyfriend for a bit over a year, but she had the courage to finally break up with him. She and her roommate from Bradley, Allegra, are living seperatley now and its a hard time for both of them. Allagra is moving back to her home town of Chicago. She works for Bradley too. I will miss her like one of my own!Emily now has a better job working in the wound Clinic at Proctor hospital. She loves her job though its pretty demanding of her time. I am so proud of how both of the girls have turned out! But I wish youd have been here to share in all the happy and sad times too. I love and miss you dad! Ill see you later than sooner I hope! But I know that youve really been there for everything watching over us sending us strenght when we needed it! You are the best! All my love-Laura

Monday Monday

Ya know even though I dont work outside the home I still fele a Monday!This will be a busy week! the big move to STL may not happen as fil is sick and on an antibiotic. I dont feel good about this either. All I can do is pray for the best outcome for him wicheverway it goes. I went to see Emily yesterday she needed money. Its hard to catch up when youmove. Shes still working through the breakup. Ive gotten almost all of my alphabet cut out, but man is it a hard one! And all the pages of journaling done for my june journal. Working out again today not sure what else is on my list.Well got to go catchup on the BB!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

sunday ahhh Quiet

Trying a new font today well I thought I was. Another sign of my computer idiocies! yep self proclaimed idiot!LOL Work out was great yesterday. Instructor was super fun wich makes it even better! Today well have our usual Sunday dinner after we go see Ike at the nursing home. This is my fil.My sil is taking him to St Louis nexzt Thursday for good. Well see. I personally dont think its the best idea but shell be the one to deal with that! Weve done what we could from here, with me doing most of the work!Its OK though he has family in STL that will see him. A sister and a few brothers. Hopefully thisll mean a few more trips to STL for us. I really want to go to the Wedding in Oct for Tim and Brandi. Well they are really married but she wants a big wedding so thats why they are waiting till then. If we dont go well send a check. I think im cutting this shorter than usual as I have some things to finish and make!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday busy for me

I went shopping yesterday and got some great sale stuff for myself and Olivia.I wouldve gotten more for Olivia but after a call to mom I put some back. She said "Olivia would rather have shoes"LOL So Ive got my eye on two pairs from the links that she sent to me. I am working out again today. Really want to try the new Body Vive class and went yesterday to what I thought was the noon class only to find out that it was Body Pump at noon! So I went to that class but was about 15 min late. That was ok with me. But man was I HUNGRY the rest of the day! So today I know its at 1030 so Ill be there! Then from there over to AMandas to give her what I bought for Olivia! Poor dh is working all weekend. But good news about that is that he has a helper, his friend Damon.Damon is who we refer to for floor laying, but hes slow right now so its an unexpected blessing for Ike. Already he can feel the difference working out of the new van rather than his old truck.I didnt realize how emotionally attatched eh was to his old truck. Were gifting it to our DSIL in exchange for some interior painting and repair from where the roof leaked ast year before we had the new one put on. But first is the bedroom. Its not been painted since we moved here 18 yrs ago.Ive picked out a pretty caramel color!! It matches the new bedding. Oh almost forgot got a sheet set yesterday for 14.95! Nothing fancy but it matches too. Im not one for super fancy ones cause if you make your bed everyday, who sees them?? right??Ok Ive ogt lots of bb stuff to read so thats it for me today! Thanks Kim and Steph for leaving me comments!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday work day

Well I must put on the old thinking cap today and get my subs done for the DT call!! And finish up some RAKS for friends and get them mailed!! Its a humid morning and partly sunny. I need to go out in a few minute sand water the containers. Theyre pretty sad looking. Saw Terry yesterday and had a good time. Katy and Matt are in Germany rihgt now and are having a great time on their honeymoon. She said it was really sad to sned Jim and Amber back to NM. I dont tinkhell be there long. Shes happy to be around her family but Jim wants his fam too! Well see. Sat o Tuesday for O. We had a great time. Went to see Beth and showed her the wedding pictures. Shes still not feeling the best but was happy for the most part. I was totally wiped out! Went to bed very early and slept great all night!! Well thats the mundane of my life right now. Nothing special.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday again

Went to Terrys last night to eat and look at pictures! Had a blast. It was sad to say goodbye to Jimmy and Amber. They both look good and are having a blast! Im going to be short this am as I am watching Olivia today! What fun! Ill spend the morning chasing her around the dining room table!LOL Thats her favorite game. Well thats it for today!

Monday, July 23, 2007

home again home again jiggity jig

Yes we mede it to and from Chicago in one piece and didnt get lost! Yet poor Ike was as nervous as all get out!! He kept saying "you can have this Chicago traffic!"LOL We got there on Friday a bit later than we wanted to.Got up bright and early on Friday and were going to head to Amandas about 8:30. Well she calls about 7:45 and say guess what? we all just woke up! Olivia came down with a cold on Thursday so shed had a bad night. We didnt leave until 10:30 and arrived at the Hotel around 3pm. Just in time for she and Emily to turn around and leave for the rehearsal. We hung out Friday evening but I was in bed asleep by 8:3 0. Saturday was a busy day. Amanda and I almost drove to Wisc before we realized we somehow driven past the barn! Yes the wedding was in a barn. Once I fugure out how to post a pic Ill share them as part of the blog challenge for the week by KatieJ! Olivia was a real trooper and as long as Paw paw and daddy were near her she was fine! She much prefers male ompany to female. Annnywaaaay, we helped decxorate the barn and headed back to the hotel about 1pm. They had to be in Terrys room for pics by 2:30, so They had to hustle!The n it was off to the wedding about 4:30. Ike looked so handsome in his suit. The actual wedding was outside and we couldnt have asked for better weather. Sunny and about 76 degrees. I got some great shots of the whole thing. Reception was great! Good food and lots of CRAZY dancing by the young people! Im sure they all learned how to dance in thier basement! But it was good fun! WE went back to the hotel around 10:30 after a call from Dan that olivia was screaming and wanted her mom! I slept till 9 on Sunday morning. we ate breakfast at the hotel and went up to Terrys room to watch them open a few gifts. Left about 1pm ate and then hit the road for some serious heading back home!! Only one stop for us in Ottowa and we got home about 5:30. Now its Monday and Im trying to do as little as possible! Im going to call my sister Terry in a bit and see how their drive home went! Of course all my happy mail came while I was gone but it was fun to open it when I got back. Kidna weird in a side note, I rec'd my Sept issue of CK mag?? Will I get Dec in Oct??? HOpe not!! They owe me a few issues too btw! Like april may and July! I ot June issue about a week ago?? someone has their months mixed up! Well Im off for nwo. Lots of BB reading to do!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesdays rain

its really dark outside right now as some pretty severe storms are heading our way! Ilove storms! They make me sleepy though. Hmmm Im hearing thunder so I think Im goign to finish this later. Powering down for mown

Monday, July 16, 2007

Modays pain

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers that replied to my post! Ill get to everyones blog but itll be a full time job I fear! not much going on today. May go to HL and see what they have that I cant live without! Hoping to find some Elsie stuff there. Like the Roxie ribbon!! Had Amanda and Dan and Olivia over for dinner last night. Thats a ritual or should say tradition, that we started when Amanda was pregnant. Mostly cause early in her preg she had such food aversions that the smell made her sick. Guess where her office is? Yep above the kitchen at Par-A-Dice. So in order to keep Dan from starving I cooked and hey came over. It also reminds me of Sundays at my grandmas' house. She was the best cook! Emis chose not to come . She stil unpacking and trying to get over breaking up with her bf. Im leaving the D off cause he wasnt that dear to her in the end! Not bad just off ya know what I mean?? Ok I need to go if Im going to get anything done!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

15 things I love right now

Well this is achallenge from fellow scrap blogger Katie Jones! Im trying to get into the blogging world but can never really seem to mremember my name and password, etc... so here it goes she wanted bloggers to list 15 things they love right now!
1. My family
2. My cats! im really missing Dee Dee who passed away a week ago tomorrow. The two boys arent really getting along as Joe got out on Thursday, so now MFP is totally pissed at him and does everything to make everyone miserable! Grr!
3. Pork Tenderloin that we had for dinner! I love simple food!
4. My new Prima Flowers! They are pretty colors that just make me smile!
5. Olivia! Everything about her!
6. Man thi sis gettinng hard! My PC tool turn about that really holds all of my scrap essentials!
7. my dh! he smelled so good yesterday. Not cologne or anything, just sawdust and sweat! Very masculine!!!
8. oh how could I forget!!! My new Tempurpedic bed!! I laydown and am almost instantly asleep! I get a bit hot in it but hope that will change soon!!
9.Afew new SB tools! i got the mini tag curler and tag maker! They are boht really cool.
10. A big tall glass of ICe Tea...really cold!
11. DHs' new work Van! hes having a hard time letting go of his truck though. Dan is tlaking it so itll still be in the family.
12 My bag of pink ribbons that my dear sweet friend Resa sent me back in the winter!! I need to send her a card! i need to use up some ppr!!
13. my cozy lil house
14. Lemon Supreme pie from Perkins!! Yum-o!!
15. Felt ric-rack! In green and pink!!

Wow I did it! Now to figure out how to share y blog with fellow bloggers. The whole http thing! Then Ill feel more competent!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well heres my first ,well honestly second ,attempt at a blog. Ive got quite a few friends who have really cool successful blogs so why not me?? Lets see if I can just remember what my URL is!! Photos will come later;)