Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday happenings

Kind of a busy day today! Im sure missing my SB friends as they are all together scrapping in INDY this weekend. This was the weekend that there was supposed to be a wedding reception but it all fell through and we went to ST Louis last weekend. No worries weve already got a full Saturday planned with Taking Olivia to the apple orchard thats about 40 miles from here. My neice Katy and her dh are coming to town also so we are going to have a big family dinner tomorrow night of crockpot Jambalaya! this stuff is seriously good! I may post the recipie here so keep looking! Id do it now but I have to go to the gym today so no time! Just wanted to put something down for the end of the week! Ive been helping watch Olivia all week as she got a cold from her cousin! Darn that Ivory! And I m pretty sure that Im coming down with it too! Ok need to get moving lots to do today!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monda Monday

Oh and am I feling the tript o ST Louis! it went really well. Got a bit later start than we thought on Saturday so we didnt get there till about 1230 and stayed and visited with FIL and family till about 4 or so. He recognized us but isnt talking. We did gat a few chuckles out of him though so that was good. Checked into the hotel about 5pm then went to dinner and back to the hotel about 8. We both fell asleep right away! A bit disappointed in the breakfast that the hotel offered. It was supposed to be fab, but it was powdered eggs-blech! It was Ok though since Id brought lots of good road food. Good for you road food too! We went back for a short bit and said our goodbyes to Ike for the last time, then on the road for P-town at 1030. Made a few rest stops and got back around 1pm.Id left a mess so I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and hemming a new pair of jeans. Then to Sues for supper and my birthday! Terry made this fab dessert. Olivia was the cutest! Well lots to do on this Monday!So Im cutting things short!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Oil change and new tires!

Yep thats what my friday is consisting of! Im off here in a bit to get new tires and an oil change for out upcoming trip to STL tomorrow! FIL not ex[ected to make it so were going to see him prob for the last time:( Its making me pretty sad but thats life.Hellbe out of his misery.Then to the gym! Sorry for such a shot post for today! Went out yesterday and got a black dress and fab red shoes! Anne Kleins for 50 bucks!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday 10

Yeah Im shamelessly stealing this from KatieJ! So ehres 10 things in no particular order the I love today

1. Hubbys phat bank acct! buying more mutual funds!
2. Getting a new driveway today. I dont thinkits that b ad but its been driving Ike crazy lately! So there goes 2K!
3. After over 3 months on the waiting list my Bo Bunny Flexi ruler came in! Picking it up today as soon as the lss opens! Yay!
4 My new little flower bed I put in. Just did it last Thursday to freshen up the front a bit. Plnated some white and peach ransies that are supposed to come back next spring...well see?
5. Happy to b e feeling better. UC went out of remission for about a week but my guts def better today.
6. Olivia! Everything she does and says! She so smart, coordinated beyond that of a 4 yr old! She loves to walk around kicking a ball in front of her! Most 15 mo old babies are still a bit wobbly! not her shes also doing sommersaults by herself!
7. MY body! Yeah you read that right! Even with my limitations Im amazed at what it does for me.
8. Starting to organize the scrap room! For as oranized as it will ever be!LOL
9. cooler weather thats moving in! I want to wear some of my pants before they are too small!LOL
10. comfy clothes. yeah I cheated a bit but its true! Nothing like yoga pants and a tshirt!

Ok thats it for today!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Hey! Its Monday again! Katies challenge is to dress up our blog. So be on the lookout for changes! Ive been realy busy in the garden as of late! Doing the things that I was too sick to do in the spring and hot summer. Were having something called a Red October. Meaning Iguess that its still hot! Doh! Wed is suppoed to b e cooler. I thank God everyday for the blessing of A/c and new windows! Ive been really having those nesting feelingske you get at henend of your pregnancy thuh Im far too old for that!LOL Just wanting to work on some things around the house Painting mostly. Its been 10 yrs since hte loving room was painted and we had somew ater damage before we got the new roof last year so this will keep us busy this winter! I want everything to be bright and sunny as my scraproom is.Amanda got me hooked on bright white trim and I just love it. I made the mistake of not using enamel but this room wont see much in the way of finger tips! The rest of the house will need it! Wonder why I feel like this? Maybe cause I actually looked at a house in what Id consider our price range and it was a total dump! So we are here to stay! Ok gota find something my stomach can handle befor i go to the Plex!