Monday, February 25, 2008

where in the heck did she come from??

I first have to say that anyone who wants a pic will be disappointed!LOL Ok that said I grew up right here in Peoria. Born here too! I didnt know it at the time but the little "pre-fab" home was new! Bought from Sears! It csot my parents a whoppng 10k. It wa ssmall 3 br small living room no real dining room and a small kitchen like8x10 that held the neccesities and a huge conference table to fit the 8 of us! Yes we had 8 people in the house. My 3 sisters and I shared a room that for as far back as I can remember had bunk beds. I do remember my crib was right under a window and I was sad to go to the big double bed w/my oldest sister, Sue.The boys room was icky, think boy deposits, ie:boogers on the cieling! they were gross! WE had no basement but it held some love. Esp after a very crabby and frightening dad and boys left!The most fun was when it was just the girls, mostly Terry, my mom and i. Wed laugh play games till 1am on Firday nights. smoke cigs till we couldnt smoke anymore! Yeah those days are gone. No one smokes anymore, thank God! we never had AC. wed sleep on a sheet laid on the cheap asphalt tiles on a hot summer night. Mom included! a Typical summer evenng included a trip to a Cemetery In north P-town that had a lake, well really its a pond but when youre 6 it was pretty big. Wed take a cool bath and put on Jammies and go out there and cool off.Not in the pond though!LOL On the way home wed stop at A&W and get a nickel root beer. The total was 1.25. Wed then go home and try to settle in. Eventually wed wander to our beds around midnight, which was to me a magical time of night. It was quiet cooler and just made you feel so secure. So you want to know about my home now?? Its about 1 block from that pre-fab house. yeah its 50ys old this year and showing some wear but I can truly saw I CAN go home again!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

something romantic

well Im doing this for extra points for the love crop! I dont really have one but Ill think of something. This may be the most romantic yr I guess. Way back in Jan I got the KOTM called the Greatest Love Story ever Told...yours! Im still in the thinking phases of this so itll b e a work in progress over the next week or so. Started putting the pages together the pages yesterday. Im thinking as Im going. I wish for sure that I had more pics of us from when we were dating etc... But I dont. I do have some old ploaroids of my little wedding shower and even worseyellowed ones from my wedding. Amanda is working on converting them to b&w, and cleaning them up a bit. Ill try to get pics posted sometime soon of the ginished product. Check back here and see what I ve come up with!