Saturday, January 19, 2008

10 things I love right now!

I almost forgot about this! Here they are in no particular order:

1. butt cold days inJan where I dont have toleave thehouse!
2 Breakfast made by Ike!
3 said dh doing the dishes too!! Gotta love that!
4. drinking all the coffee I want!
5. Ike having alight week at work. This man works too hard all the rest of the year so its nice to spend time w/him
6 my new windows that are keepign the drafts out unlike my old windows
7 getting to psend the day scrapping, although I havent really done that yet
8 love that Olivia is over her little virus that shes had all week. high fever not sleeping
9 that AManda got to sleep all night for 8 straight hours!!
10 that Emi is finally back in her apt after it flooded!

Yep Im happy as a fat clam right now!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well its better late than never so heres this weeks KaTIE BLOG CHALLENGE;try something new and blog about it! Here goes...
I know she probably meant something with the camera or settings with the blog but thats not me this week. I FINALLY tried the body step class! Ive been really bummed about the Riverplex cancelling my fav class of all time. Lots of reasons that it failed none made me happy! So I tried a new class right after Christmas called Body Jam. It was fun but too frustrating for me. i tried it twice but never felt the love like I did with the other class. Sooo I changed my PT time and went to the step class. I loved it! I didnt however use the step. Not sure that I ever will but its fine to not use it too! it was so good to move! And sweat! and burn calories that have been hanging round since Christmas! Another class I will try is Body Attack. Ive done it a few timesbut none on a reg basis. But Ill be there bright and early on Monday. I wouldve gone today but I want to scrap instead. And plus these classes arent new so no chance that theyllbe cancelled. NOw that makes me HAPPY!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh boy Ive been a bad blogger! Not even sure what the challenge for the day/week is? Ill have to look.

Ive finally started PT for my poor left shoulder. They thinkits some kind of rotator cuff tendonitis, and some other mumbledey jumbledy medical terms. It hurts but I can see a bit of progress. The best pat is the heat and e-stim at the end!

Ive beenmaking progress with my organizing book. I think Im going to start the organizing if possible at the end of each chapter while Ive still got ideas. Im for sure going to clean the closet of way old clothes and all of Ems stuff and use that! Ill be taking the door off so itll be visible therefore useable!

Today is the like 100th gloomy sunless day in I dont know how long. The sun comes out briefly for a few hours but slips back behind the next storm system! Yuck! Im so tired! I have to get back to the gym! Therapy is cramping my style a bti too! Ill work it out! Sat for sure! I have to get groceries too! I esp hate that!LO But trying new RR recipies that sound yummy! like Cowboy Spaghetti! Il le you know how it turns out!