Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mam has april slipped away

I was meaing to post more! well it s mot over yet! I really have no business being here as I have an 11:00 beauty appointment! My mom ws supposed to come with med but shes not feeling too well! Sigh.Then Ill go walk asIm back onto my track of good/better health. I havent really stopped just a hiatus from working out! Grr. Now Im starting all over again! Well I need to run or illbelate! Have a good one everyone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

good evening

I know! I cant believe that Im here so lat ein the evening either! Just ting up loose ends for the day and planning tomorrow. Ive got things ready for taking the taxes to Rons tomorrow. And Im also going to take my comforter with me and wash it! They get dirty so fast, and after its washed it seems to speed up the dirty process! Thats oe reason I dont spend alot (under 50.00) on one. Im going to try and get out of here by 9 if I can. I dont want to be out in the drippy rain. And cold again!! Damn x 3! I guess when it finally gets warm itll be warm to stay. then getdown to business in the garden. Ill wait until mid may to be sure. Doesnt that sound so far away? It does to me too.Friday will be pick up the house day, then the SU shindig! Yes Ive got a busy lil schedule for a week or so! Better gets me some beauty rest. Oh on a sad closure, Phils dad passed away today. Em will be flying out on Friday Im pretty sure. Early too! Not sure how long shell b e gone. Ill miss her, but I know her heart is with Phil right now...sos mine...sigh!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool

Yeah were being fooled into thinking that spring is here! If the weather doesnt break soon im going to start ...wel...well...sputter..I dont know what but it wont be pretty! Its overcast windy and cold! 36 degrees! yeah that really sucks! But supposed to get sunny so Im holding off going grocery shopping till its sunny! So there! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!