Tuesday, June 17, 2008


after all the success on Thursday, I had to go to the podiatrist to have him look at my toe. So I think most of you know the grisly story by now. Its infected with MRSA, and Im going to have Ive meds for two weeks. This has to work so I can go on the fun family vacation weve got planned for the 5th of July!!! Im trying to learn to take things one day at a time! Pray for me if you see this! Off to bed to read. Long day tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I celebrate finding a suit! Oh manit was quite the ordeal yesterday. I left the house around 10:30 to find a swimsuit. I was determined!! After making a few stops. Umm lets just say the suits were hideous, and all made for someone 5'10"! Dear LOrd God IN Heaven! Dont they realize that there is a market for +size gals under 5'4"?? Anyhoo on the Lane Bryant-mada. Stp in at Macys. They had a good selection but nothing that was going to flatter(or flatten)my tummy! Until I got to the last rack! Ther it was! Its a mint green and brown one piece swim dress. Even Amanda liked it and shes hard to please! Also got Ikes Crocs for FD. Today is going to be a quiet day after being gove almost 6 hours yesterday!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I hate swimsuit season

So I went to Bergners yesterday while I was out, and tried on two suits. Yuck I hated them! Im going to another store or two today, in searchof a suit that fits! I think that a tankini will be the b est choice. More forgiving in my hated midsection!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday 4

1. Brownies
2. growing flowers
3. Mr Furry Pants' new Lion Cut...he is so cocky about it tho..
4. watching Olivia "nurse her baby" she cradles it in her arms and just holds it close to her body. Once she whipped her shirt up! Moms trying to wean..sort of..

June is busting out...

and man is it hot! I know I was complaining in the last post about how cold it was, and true to the weather pattern wed been in, the day after memorial day was only 53!I think the next day it was up to almost 80! And since June 3rd its been insufferably hot and humid!My flowers are all in containers or in the planter boxes out front. I think my fave box has bright orange gerbera daisies, a cool lime green plant called the Jewels Of Opar! How cool is that name!, also delicate yellow nemesia, white supertunias, and purple supers. Ive also got a rust and deep purple coleusin a pot as well as some coral million belles in a pot too. My new knockout rosebush is gorgeous with the cool bird bath in the bed beside it. Terry got it for me for christmas! Weigela is stunning and bloomed on old wood for the first time in th ethree yrs its been in the bed. Even my lilac(pink) is reviving nicely. I gave it up for dead two yrs ago when the new roof went on. Every year I still find the roofing nails in the front beds at one time or another. My Queen Elizabeth rose bush has been moved but it looks stressed. I doubt it will b loom this year, even though it had 3 buds on it when I moved it from the pretty much defunct back garden area. I have a small patch where DD is b uried Thats my cat that passed away last july! Lest you think Ive buried one of the girls back there!LOL I have lots of mulching to do. I may do that tomorrow isnce it calling for cooler weather. So theres my garden update!

Olivia is just so darned smart. I know every Grammy says that, but this kid is so much like her mom its eerie! Personality is mischevious like Emilys. Em and O have formed such a speciAL BOND BETWEEN THEM.Oops wasnt shouting!! WE went to breakfast yesterday at Panera and when we were leaving Olivia got really excited and starts like this, uhuhuhuh "wip gwoss" Em says wait till we are in the car, its so cute to watch herpucker up so Emi can put it on, then she and Emi blot and a little more goes on. Its the sweetest pale pink! Well Kim this was for you, so I hoped you "wike it"! Now Ive got to get in the shower after my workout this am!The a/c in the big gym where the classes are isnt working but they said it will be by Wed! I can barely breathe in there. But still had fun! Have a great Monday, and happy birthday Terry! I think shes 55??

Sunday, May 25, 2008

cathcing up for May

Wow lots has happened, most of it mundane and boring. I guess the biggest and most constant thing has been the weather! WE are still, and have been all year, consistantly been -10 below normal! Its grey rainy, and causing me alot of pain. The plants I bought two weeks ago are still unplanted. Well some are but alot arent! I should b e out there now doing something but Im just too fatigued! Having family over tomorrow steak, twice baked potatoes, cole slaw, and dessert. Ill be making most of it and may even do the potaoes today. well keyboard is screwy so Im off for now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AFter the weekend

Oh god am I hurting! After a busy weekend Im sort of just recovering!I think Ill for sure feel better! All I did today was lay around and be in pain. I did sleep for about 1/2 hour and do feel much better! Sat was a huge success with pic taking at Rece for the Cure. AManda got 2 for sure photo sessions from it so that made me happy. Spent a wee bit of time at Terrys and saw K and M, Olivia. She was so cute and funny. I couldnt believe that Amanda let her put her hands, and eventually all of the baby doll in the bird bath. Now Id have tried something like that?? Came home and slept for 4 hours woke up and made a good dinner and went back to bed! Oh Im so out of order. How could I have forgotten Friday! It was an all girls trip to SunnyField Farms for flowers. Found some exotic looking plants like Jewels of Opar, and a really tall and spikey African Daisy, nad some od faves too. WE got back to town about 2 or so and went to Olive Garden for lunch but it was more like dinner for me! Now on to Sunday! Mothers Day! Ike woke me with fresh coffee, an egg McMuffin, KK and a huge pretty over the top card! Its like 18x24! I loved it. of cousre its not a holiday without him having to doctor the card a bit!LOL He didnt look really carefully at the fromt of the card and when he got it home he realizes that it says To My Mother, of wich he crossed out w/a black sharpie and wrote wife!LOL Later the dds came over for a wonderful PW roast, and cheesecake. Emi got me things ireally wanted...a lb of SB Pike PLace roast coffee...yummm. And AManda got me things with a bird theme, like a darliing little fat bird, bird themed wooden wind chimes, and a hummingbird feeder. I opened it today and a piece is missing so Ill need to exchange it for one that does! I was all ready to hang it today and everything! Just found out were going to dinner with the kids so Id better scoot from here. I need to shower anyway and wash my hair so its all good. I promise that tomorrow will be a better day! Its check day!