Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday madness!

Well it took me long enough but I finally got signed back in! Im so behind on Katies Challenges its isnt funny! Mostly cause it took me forever to get signed in but I figgered it out! Had a great bff (no doesnt stand for best freinds forever, some thing way more sinister!LOL) weeknd at Tammys house!Went to the expo wastn worth a darn! Drive home was lovely nothing but blue skies! listened to a green day cd about 3 times! I forgot to bring the others with me.I cant blog long today as Ive got a million things to do like wash an ass load of dishes!! Mostly from dinner last night! Then work out at the Plex at 1030 come home shower and run to the store before a 2pm appt with the Diabetes educator! Yikes! Then may go to a garden club meeting tonight! I havent been all summer! Somewhere in there also unpack my scrap stuff!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday blisteringly hot!

Well its been in the 90s for the past 4 or 5 days and doesnt look like itll break anytime too soon. Were under a meterorologic "ring of fire". Its where theres a huge blocking high pressure system that wont allow anything in like cooler temps and for us rain, in it! Im really tired of watering everything right now! I have a garden stone that says "I think the weeds are winning" and its so true. I get these weedy looking things with the prettiest creamy flowers on them. not a cutting type of flower but just along the stems. So hey maybe someone will actually think theyre supposed to be there!LOL The diabetes thing is such a challenge in my life right now! High highs and low lows! Excercise makes it worse! Im just freakin ravenous the rest of the day. Did i mention that I hate insulin?? I hate having ot test 4+ time sa day, taking insulin at least 4 times a day! Just think of all those shots!Ok rant over! Im gonna skip outta here shower and go to ON to return some online stuff I bought!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday new blog Challenge

Thanks for something not so heavy! Well last weeks didnt have to be heavy but itd been on my mind for years now! So what inspires me? Lots of things1 Mostly bright colors and Flowers! I know everyoe out there thought itd be Olivia and yes seeing her photos does send me running for the scraproom! But I like the ordinary quiet everyday things, like my bright green basil, deep purple petunias, and a cool green planter I got at HL a week or so ago. Other gals SB pages will also inspire me. Again I love the bright colors and different ways they arrange pics, bellies and such. Other things like the Bible. It inspires me to be a better person (Iknow hard to believe right? lol) and appreciate what Ive got right now, today. To be more Christ-like when I dont want to be! In Feb when I joined over at SBP they had to coolest All moth long event with daily challenges. One was to do a Lo on who inspires me. At that moent it was Ike. he is patient kind, slow to anger, always gives people, even me, the benefit of the doubt. I love him more each passing yr. This Nov will be our 30th wedding anniversary. Not sure what well do but I want to do something big! For an IR couple ANY year is a big one!! Well now that Ive thouht about Olivia I want to sgo and start her b-day album so Im outta here!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


this is such a lazy day fo both Ike and I. He worked for a bit this am, and i went na dwked out and came home, made lunch then to Wal Mart. Got into some trouble on the way home wih my bs which set off feeding frenzy when i got home. Oh I hatethis! then slept for 1 1/2 hrs. Finlay got Joe in just now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I finally had y big appt with the Diabetes resource center yesterday.Overwhelmed is a real understatement for all that happened. First my sugar was really high, whick I knew it would be. And finally finally someone agrees that Ive probably got Type I and not Type II. but that really cant be confirmed untilmy sugar comes dodwna bit. So until then Im trying to absorb all that has happened.For some reason all i could do was cry all day. Im sure that some of it is the fact that the NP said to expwct alot of weight gain. Ive just felt so crummy all day and I know that i can do this but just not all at once! Today will be stressful and daunting as well. The big move is still going to happen and Ike and I have to go yet once again and pack up all of his dads things and get hin ready for tomorrow! (Thursday) Had a bad bout with restless leg tonight abd now its 4 am and I cant sleep. Thats why Im here! Imtaking Terry to the dentist to have a tooth pulled, would like to work out but not sure thats going to happen. I really want to but its going to be an already full day so thats very iffy. I probably shouldnt with all thats going on. Oh and Ive got to go rent a wheelchair too! So if you happen to read this keep me in your thoughts and prayers!