Friday, September 14, 2007

Katies challenge

Youll never guess what happened...Im actually sticking with the workout thing! And my arms which Ive hated in the past dont look as cottage-cheesey anymore! Could it be muscle? Ilove the class that Im in. Fu n workout, lots of great songs and...DANCING! Im a dancer from waaayyyy back to when I was 15 and sneaking into the clubs with my bff Judy! I had a very wild side to me before I settled down with dh! And I guess thats another never guess what happened topic! Weve managed to stay together and still like each others company for almost 30 yrs! Well weve been together for 32 but do two yrs of cohabitation count?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Sept 10

Well today is a special day for someone I know so Happy Birthday Katie! Wow youre 31 today. Hopelife is treating you well! Had to fam dinner night. Olivia was in such a funny mood! being so silly. WE stole lots of sugar from her(kisses), and she didnt protest too awfully much! Ok Kelli its sort of updated! I slept like shit last night! These night sweats have returned with a vengance plus the Temp bed is sort of hot too, and Ive got about 10 mosquito bites! So when i got hot or sweaty theyd itch like crazy. so I tossed and turned most of the night, and finaly gave up about 5:45. Went to the Olex today and worked out there for about 2 hrs or so then came home and washed last nights dishes, folede a load of clothes, took some clothes that dont fit out of my drawers, to make room for new ones!! Well its raining and i am falling asleep at the keys so Im off for now! Love you all!