Tuesday, June 17, 2008


after all the success on Thursday, I had to go to the podiatrist to have him look at my toe. So I think most of you know the grisly story by now. Its infected with MRSA, and Im going to have Ive meds for two weeks. This has to work so I can go on the fun family vacation weve got planned for the 5th of July!!! Im trying to learn to take things one day at a time! Pray for me if you see this! Off to bed to read. Long day tomorrow!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I celebrate finding a suit! Oh manit was quite the ordeal yesterday. I left the house around 10:30 to find a swimsuit. I was determined!! After making a few stops. Umm lets just say the suits were hideous, and all made for someone 5'10"! Dear LOrd God IN Heaven! Dont they realize that there is a market for +size gals under 5'4"?? Anyhoo on the Lane Bryant-mada. Stp in at Macys. They had a good selection but nothing that was going to flatter(or flatten)my tummy! Until I got to the last rack! Ther it was! Its a mint green and brown one piece swim dress. Even Amanda liked it and shes hard to please! Also got Ikes Crocs for FD. Today is going to be a quiet day after being gove almost 6 hours yesterday!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I hate swimsuit season

So I went to Bergners yesterday while I was out, and tried on two suits. Yuck I hated them! Im going to another store or two today, in searchof a suit that fits! I think that a tankini will be the b est choice. More forgiving in my hated midsection!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday 4

1. Brownies
2. growing flowers
3. Mr Furry Pants' new Lion Cut...he is so cocky about it tho..
4. watching Olivia "nurse her baby" she cradles it in her arms and just holds it close to her body. Once she whipped her shirt up! Moms trying to wean..sort of..

June is busting out...

and man is it hot! I know I was complaining in the last post about how cold it was, and true to the weather pattern wed been in, the day after memorial day was only 53!I think the next day it was up to almost 80! And since June 3rd its been insufferably hot and humid!My flowers are all in containers or in the planter boxes out front. I think my fave box has bright orange gerbera daisies, a cool lime green plant called the Jewels Of Opar! How cool is that name!, also delicate yellow nemesia, white supertunias, and purple supers. Ive also got a rust and deep purple coleusin a pot as well as some coral million belles in a pot too. My new knockout rosebush is gorgeous with the cool bird bath in the bed beside it. Terry got it for me for christmas! Weigela is stunning and bloomed on old wood for the first time in th ethree yrs its been in the bed. Even my lilac(pink) is reviving nicely. I gave it up for dead two yrs ago when the new roof went on. Every year I still find the roofing nails in the front beds at one time or another. My Queen Elizabeth rose bush has been moved but it looks stressed. I doubt it will b loom this year, even though it had 3 buds on it when I moved it from the pretty much defunct back garden area. I have a small patch where DD is b uried Thats my cat that passed away last july! Lest you think Ive buried one of the girls back there!LOL I have lots of mulching to do. I may do that tomorrow isnce it calling for cooler weather. So theres my garden update!

Olivia is just so darned smart. I know every Grammy says that, but this kid is so much like her mom its eerie! Personality is mischevious like Emilys. Em and O have formed such a speciAL BOND BETWEEN THEM.Oops wasnt shouting!! WE went to breakfast yesterday at Panera and when we were leaving Olivia got really excited and starts like this, uhuhuhuh "wip gwoss" Em says wait till we are in the car, its so cute to watch herpucker up so Emi can put it on, then she and Emi blot and a little more goes on. Its the sweetest pale pink! Well Kim this was for you, so I hoped you "wike it"! Now Ive got to get in the shower after my workout this am!The a/c in the big gym where the classes are isnt working but they said it will be by Wed! I can barely breathe in there. But still had fun! Have a great Monday, and happy birthday Terry! I think shes 55??

Sunday, May 25, 2008

cathcing up for May

Wow lots has happened, most of it mundane and boring. I guess the biggest and most constant thing has been the weather! WE are still, and have been all year, consistantly been -10 below normal! Its grey rainy, and causing me alot of pain. The plants I bought two weeks ago are still unplanted. Well some are but alot arent! I should b e out there now doing something but Im just too fatigued! Having family over tomorrow steak, twice baked potatoes, cole slaw, and dessert. Ill be making most of it and may even do the potaoes today. well keyboard is screwy so Im off for now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AFter the weekend

Oh god am I hurting! After a busy weekend Im sort of just recovering!I think Ill for sure feel better! All I did today was lay around and be in pain. I did sleep for about 1/2 hour and do feel much better! Sat was a huge success with pic taking at Rece for the Cure. AManda got 2 for sure photo sessions from it so that made me happy. Spent a wee bit of time at Terrys and saw K and M, Olivia. She was so cute and funny. I couldnt believe that Amanda let her put her hands, and eventually all of the baby doll in the bird bath. Now Id have tried something like that?? Came home and slept for 4 hours woke up and made a good dinner and went back to bed! Oh Im so out of order. How could I have forgotten Friday! It was an all girls trip to SunnyField Farms for flowers. Found some exotic looking plants like Jewels of Opar, and a really tall and spikey African Daisy, nad some od faves too. WE got back to town about 2 or so and went to Olive Garden for lunch but it was more like dinner for me! Now on to Sunday! Mothers Day! Ike woke me with fresh coffee, an egg McMuffin, KK and a huge pretty over the top card! Its like 18x24! I loved it. of cousre its not a holiday without him having to doctor the card a bit!LOL He didnt look really carefully at the fromt of the card and when he got it home he realizes that it says To My Mother, of wich he crossed out w/a black sharpie and wrote wife!LOL Later the dds came over for a wonderful PW roast, and cheesecake. Emi got me things ireally wanted...a lb of SB Pike PLace roast coffee...yummm. And AManda got me things with a bird theme, like a darliing little fat bird, bird themed wooden wind chimes, and a hummingbird feeder. I opened it today and a piece is missing so Ill need to exchange it for one that does! I was all ready to hang it today and everything! Just found out were going to dinner with the kids so Id better scoot from here. I need to shower anyway and wash my hair so its all good. I promise that tomorrow will be a better day! Its check day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oops forgot again

see I told you youd see this title from time to time!LOL We got confirmation that the SA has our crime reports for the dirty bastards that wrote 2 worthless checks. The letter says it can tkae up to 3 months! I sure hope not! Ok Im really done for now! Kiss kiss!

Oops forgot again

see I told you youd see this title from time to time!LOL We got confirmation that the SA has our crime reports for the dirty bastards that wrote 2 worthless checks. The letter says it can tkae up to 3 months! I sure hope not! Ok Im really done for now! Kiss kiss!


Well today was the day that R was suppose to come and clean but her dh is not doing so well after a lap chole, so she was taking him to the dr today. And speaking of dr, I got in to have my toe looked at. Yeah it seems Ive gotten myself an infected blister! Didnt feel so well this after noon so Ive ogt abx on board, and am going to sleep shortly! The reason Im here is that Im waiting for the washer to finish so I can take out the things that need to air dry, a few shirts, a bra, you know the drill! When thats done Im off to la la land! Getting up early to go to Sunnyfield Farms to shop for flowers. Terrys always raved about what unusual plants they have so were all going for a look see for oruselves! Also got my hair cut today. Man o man was it in need of a good trimming!Color will be next month! Beth looks good. I love her so! Well washing is done. Ill come back with all of my flower finds prob on Sunday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy May

Wow i cant believe May is here. We vehad some really nice days followed bys ome really cold/windy/rainy/chilly days! But the days that needed to eb nice were all that and a bag of chips! Ikes birthday was Friday but we didnt do anything till Sunday. Saturday I cropped for 9 hours at the lss. Amanda is doing some photo things for them so I saw her for a bit on Saturday. One of her pics of my los are on the stores blog!So thanks for that Amanda! Sunday was sunny but I was wiped out. Went to b-fast with Amanda and Emi and Olivia. While we were driving there I said oh duh about something and yep you guessed it! We heard "Oh duh" from the carseat!LOL it was just too funny!When we got back I had to do some last minute shopping for Ikes birthday dinner, came home and made the cake. I did nap for an hour or so while the cake cooled off enough to frost. Its was an awesome chocolate layer cake with choc frosting and strawberries between and on top of the cake, with whipped cream on the sides. Dan was over all day long installing some really awesomely cool outside speakers.I got him a nice lounge chair, a throne fit for the king! Emi got him a GC to Gander Mntn, which heloved!And a chamois for his car washing adventures!! On Monday I picked up my beef and came home and crashed!was up in the evening for about 2 hours but otherwise I was sleeping! Yesterday I worked outside for a few hours, finally planting those massive canna bulbs I got earlier in April at the Kane Co Flea Mrkt. I cant wait to see how big they get. And on Friday we are going to Sunnyfield farms to buy flowers to plant. I dont need much as Ive scaled back alot! This place is known for its rather exotic looking stuff so well see! well I nee dto get some appts made ad get on with my day! Thanks for stopping b y!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mam has april slipped away

I was meaing to post more! well it s mot over yet! I really have no business being here as I have an 11:00 beauty appointment! My mom ws supposed to come with med but shes not feeling too well! Sigh.Then Ill go walk asIm back onto my track of good/better health. I havent really stopped just a hiatus from working out! Grr. Now Im starting all over again! Well I need to run or illbelate! Have a good one everyone!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

good evening

I know! I cant believe that Im here so lat ein the evening either! Just ting up loose ends for the day and planning tomorrow. Ive got things ready for taking the taxes to Rons tomorrow. And Im also going to take my comforter with me and wash it! They get dirty so fast, and after its washed it seems to speed up the dirty process! Thats oe reason I dont spend alot (under 50.00) on one. Im going to try and get out of here by 9 if I can. I dont want to be out in the drippy rain. And cold again!! Damn x 3! I guess when it finally gets warm itll be warm to stay. then getdown to business in the garden. Ill wait until mid may to be sure. Doesnt that sound so far away? It does to me too.Friday will be pick up the house day, then the SU shindig! Yes Ive got a busy lil schedule for a week or so! Better gets me some beauty rest. Oh on a sad closure, Phils dad passed away today. Em will be flying out on Friday Im pretty sure. Early too! Not sure how long shell b e gone. Ill miss her, but I know her heart is with Phil right now...sos mine...sigh!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool

Yeah were being fooled into thinking that spring is here! If the weather doesnt break soon im going to start ...wel...well...sputter..I dont know what but it wont be pretty! Its overcast windy and cold! 36 degrees! yeah that really sucks! But supposed to get sunny so Im holding off going grocery shopping till its sunny! So there! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Out poking around

in the garden this afternoon. Trimmed back the dead wood on the hydrangea, and seedum. Tulips and crocus' are up but Ileft leaves around them. Im hoping that we dont gat a late april freeze again this year. I had no hydrangea blooms last yr, and it made me so sad! Boy am I tired now. Waiting to go get RX for the dr to fax back refills so I dont have to make 2 trips. Ohother big news. I went to see the surgeon this am and he said that everthing looked good, but it still takes 6 weeks to heal 100%. I may try to hit River plex for some walking in the next week. Wellp thats about it for me. Pretty boring huh?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Oops forgot again

I dont think this is the last time youll see this sort of title on my posts so just bear w/me. We got devastating mail twice last week! Same customer twice bounced checks totally 2k. They took it out of our acct!Thankfully we didnt bounce anything but still 2000.00 os alot of money! I left no less than 4 messages on their answering machine, and no call back. the last one was a little tough as in Im claling the sttes attorney if they didnt call back by today, jus tin case they were out of town. So guess who calls today! i was so relieved that he did. Ive given them till the 31st to pay up!Theyre lucky that we arent charging them addtl fees which is in our rights as a business. But Im not quite that mean and Ike sjust happy to have the money back. Now if our bank charged us thatd be different. Ok that is really alll for today!

the easter aftermath

What a day! Exactly as a holiday should be! WE had good/great food and even better company! We talked and ate, went to see Emis new little rented condo, lest anyone think shes really growing up!LOL It is so her. I can see her living there for years. It even has a cute little "lake" that has a sandy beach like area nad a dock. Ikewanted to know if he could bring his boat. Emi rolled her eyes. Went back to Terrys for my PW dessert and everyone was in love at first bite! We came home and I changed into my home clothes and was fast asleep by 6:30.Kind of an up and down night,though when all I really wanted was to sleep! I guess the biggest thing from yesterday, beside Olivias darling dress and sweet little piggies, was that AManda thinks shell be able to totally quit her day job for online design work. You can find her at amandae dot photography@blogspot . com . Now dont go flodding her little blog with a zillion posts! Her for real dot com website will be up and running April 1st!Its so very exciting for them! And us too! They seem to have their dads' entreprenurial drive and spirit. O will still go to the sitters a few days a week cause theyll still have to pay the bills, but Im so happy to see this happening so soon for her. Gods given her some awesome talent! SO i guess after all that thanking Im going off for a bit. I dont feel as well today a sI did on Saturday, but Ive had 3 very busy days in a row too. I think Ill cuddle up with The Pants (my big old Maine Cooner Cat) and watch entertaining tv!LOL HOpe the sun comes out for a few days! I think Im turning into a shrinking violet or some crazy plant like that!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

saturday, for goodness sakes

Well Im recovering nicely now! FINALLY saw Olivia last night. I made the PWs' roast and it was so to die for. And her mashed potatoes. With cream cheese. Olivia seemed to like the carrots the most. And me! She wouldnt letme leave her sight w/o a frantic yell of ,"Gwammie?"They stayed till almost 9pm which was late for her. I just cant believe how tall shes getting! Still skinny as a rail but tall man!I told AManda that her pants are getting short. She said,"Yeah at first I thought that her pants were shrinking b ut then realized shes gone through another growth spurt". Seeing her is like medicine for the soul. It just makes your heart happy! Besides getting my hair done, it was the highight of my day! Pawpaws' too! Makes the b low of having a customers check bounce twice not hurt so bad! Well not hurt so bad yesterday..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Home again

Well all went well yesterday with the surgery. I arrived at 9am but after getting all preprepped and such the nurse tells us that sugery wont be till 12:00. I sent poor momma home so that we didnt just sit and stare at each other for the next two hours or so. I decided around 11 to take a snooze to take my mnd off of the unfair-ity of not being able to have anything to eat or drink! Just as I was getting all nice and fuzzy in walked Tom M. It was a ver pleasant interruption of my snooze. We tlaked for about 45 min or until they took me back to pre pre surgery...whatever that was!LOL About 12:40 I walked, yes I said walked, back to the surgery suite. It was nice and cool in there. Oh forgot to say Ive ahd to give up my teeth at this point. That was mroe bothersome than the whole thought of surgery!LOL Anyway I said goodnight to all in the room, and woke up around 2:30 or so in recovery. My first thought was did he do it lappy or was I open. I felt my tummy area to find that, whew, it wa sof the lappy kind! its sort of foggy for the next two hours but needless to say I was fully awake at about 4 or so. Then my EMi called and came up to see me after shed gotten off work. then the next thing I know? There she was. I commandeered her to hook up my bra and had mom step out. She was ok with it too. I managed to dress myselfand fof we went. I sent Emi after pain meds and mom got me home. It was raining pretty had too. So I settled in and fell right asleep! Woke up about 8:15 and had some chicken noodle soup. I was getting pretty sore in my belly parts so I took my meds for the night and crashed about an hour later. Slept pretty good until I had to cough. Now that wasnt fun at all! But still way better than being in the hosp. Got up again around 4am for more pain meds took some deep breaths coughed alittle more. Woke to the ohone ringing at a little after 7. It was Glenna calling to check on me. Ike gave her a nice report but I was pretty much up after that.Im much more comfortable sitting than laying, so Ive had a little coffee and talked to AManda mom and made an appt for next Wed to see Dr G again. So now Im a wastin some time on the internet, but will prob lay back down about 2 or so...thanks for looking after me God. It was mighty gracious of you!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almost forgot

Im having my surgery tomorrow so if you think of me, ask the good Lord to see over the surgeon and my weak sick body! Thanks again!

sunny sunday

Yeah well I guess my secret is out! Im not a church goer anymroe so Ill sit and worship at my computer for a bit! Besides a very noisy man this morning getting his coffee made for the day what did I awake to? No not the cats..It was hard to tell since it wasnt quite light out at 6:30, but the noise was terrible. Something was fighting outside my front window. Or at least I thought it was fighting. No it was tow coons doin it outside! By the time i got the old man up here they were just wrestling around and making all sorts of sweet little cooey sounds. And when it was light enough to see they were gone. Mother Nature at its finest hour! I must venture out today. At least to the store to pick up a few things as Im having my poisoned gall bladder out tomorrow am! my dear sweet mom is coming with me, and I have to be there by 9am. Im not sure what time Ill be home but Im thinking by 1 o'clock. so if youre following this blog say a prayer for me! Have a good Sunday yall!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

saturday blues

i know most of you dont associate the blues with this day of the week.But its all I can really come up with today. Its cold snowy and grey. See? I told you...?? Ive piddled around the house, no not literlly! But not done a whole lot of anything. Im tired. Poor Ike has worked hard all week with this cold too! Im making left overs so not alot of excitement in the way of food! Im just so tired! See I said it again!! At some point FMS has taken over too! The amount of sleep I get is ridiculous sometimes. And I think after all this Im just going to go add to the total! ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

Friday, March 14, 2008

See I knew

I ended that post way too soon! The very hunky hot surgeons office just called and I am to be at the hospital at 9am.Not too early but late enought to miss my coffee! Clear the roads as my mom will be driving me. she is 83, and not the best driver anymore. But Illbe ok! And will have to lay down the rules! She cant stay and hover over me when I get home!LOL Yeah shes the sweetest thing ever but I needs my space...know what I mean? Let me recover alone! My older sister Sue had her gall bladder out oh a yr or so ago, and the next day was haulin mulch to her flowers in the back! Now I dont want to live up to those standards but if I can make my stuff for Easter dinner, then Ill be happy. See? My needs and wants are few! Tomorrow Im going to a crop for a few hours, try and get a few projects from scrapbowl done! I really want to go for the discount so I can buy my secret bunny, of hte human variety, some cool stuff with a discount! And wil need to mail it tomorrow too!, Well we'll see. I think Im passing on my neices b-day party on Sunday too. Ive still got a mean hack and dont think the mamas of all the new babies will like me hackin anywhere near those sweet precious babes! Ill send it with Terry...or mom! Ok I think that really is all for the day! Oh my Pammy...thanks forlookin at my new and iproved blog! well updated anyway! I love you!

Feeling a bit better

thanks for askin! So good today in fact that Im makin a man pleasin meal to celebrate! I told Ike to not look at the butter. He said he wouldnt! Hes kind of an anti butter person. I am not so much! He calls me a butter hound!LOL Yeah like thats going to make me put some back. His tricks have no hold on me. Oh and as if I need another reason te celebrate all that is butter, and there fore better, Some fru-fru magazine said that Land O lakes butter is the best!! No I didnt buy that brand cause Im still a penny pincher, but I did buy two lbs of the creamy yellow goodness while I made my foray out into the wilds of the grocery store yesterday. food, esp the fruts and veggies, looked so good yesterday. I got more fruit than vegs but hey Ill balance it out with frozen corn from christmas!its still good right? I do have to say that in all that is happy and holy butter has no carbs, neither does the meat!!! Im not much of a bread eater so the insulin thing wont be hard!mmmmmmm

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There is something

so healing about a shower! Yeah I drug my cruddy butt off the couch and into the shower about an hour ago! Man did that feel good. I mustve stood there for a good 5 min under the hot running water, and chanted "Oh man this feels so gooood!" Washed my equally dirty hair, forewent styling tho as Im sure the blow dryer weighs way more than I can manage today. I may have a hair appt w/my Bethie tomorrow and I also may have a dental appt. I cant do both. No energy. So hmmm whats going to make me feel better in the long run? If you guessed the hair appt youre right. I just dont have anything to give you for a prize. Ding ding ding!!! Does that work?? Im still drinking coffee but I really need to eat. Anorange is on the counter with my name on it so I think Id better scoot and put something good into my nutrition starved body! Thanks for hanging with me!

Monday, March 10, 2008

sick insomnia

It happens this time every year. I can sail through most of the winter without a sniffle, but come the first of March I come down with what I now call the March curse. Its the crummy lung crud. Cough hack wheeze. The kind where youre trying to lay there and sleep but you can still hear the finel rales and rhonchi between each breath. Thats med speak for those funnt high pitched squeaks and rubs you hear! Unless of course youre blessed with no Asthma like qualities!LOL So I decided after a good dose of the poineer womans blog that Id at least try to make the best out of not being able to sleep when everyone else, even a sick dh and hte cats are sound asleep! so heres to a night of lost sleep. Good thing I dont work for a living!

Monday, February 25, 2008

where in the heck did she come from??

I first have to say that anyone who wants a pic will be disappointed!LOL Ok that said I grew up right here in Peoria. Born here too! I didnt know it at the time but the little "pre-fab" home was new! Bought from Sears! It csot my parents a whoppng 10k. It wa ssmall 3 br small living room no real dining room and a small kitchen like8x10 that held the neccesities and a huge conference table to fit the 8 of us! Yes we had 8 people in the house. My 3 sisters and I shared a room that for as far back as I can remember had bunk beds. I do remember my crib was right under a window and I was sad to go to the big double bed w/my oldest sister, Sue.The boys room was icky, think boy deposits, ie:boogers on the cieling! they were gross! WE had no basement but it held some love. Esp after a very crabby and frightening dad and boys left!The most fun was when it was just the girls, mostly Terry, my mom and i. Wed laugh play games till 1am on Firday nights. smoke cigs till we couldnt smoke anymore! Yeah those days are gone. No one smokes anymore, thank God! we never had AC. wed sleep on a sheet laid on the cheap asphalt tiles on a hot summer night. Mom included! a Typical summer evenng included a trip to a Cemetery In north P-town that had a lake, well really its a pond but when youre 6 it was pretty big. Wed take a cool bath and put on Jammies and go out there and cool off.Not in the pond though!LOL On the way home wed stop at A&W and get a nickel root beer. The total was 1.25. Wed then go home and try to settle in. Eventually wed wander to our beds around midnight, which was to me a magical time of night. It was quiet cooler and just made you feel so secure. So you want to know about my home now?? Its about 1 block from that pre-fab house. yeah its 50ys old this year and showing some wear but I can truly saw I CAN go home again!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

something romantic

well Im doing this for extra points for the love crop! I dont really have one but Ill think of something. This may be the most romantic yr I guess. Way back in Jan I got the KOTM called the Greatest Love Story ever Told...yours! Im still in the thinking phases of this so itll b e a work in progress over the next week or so. Started putting the pages together the pages yesterday. Im thinking as Im going. I wish for sure that I had more pics of us from when we were dating etc... But I dont. I do have some old ploaroids of my little wedding shower and even worseyellowed ones from my wedding. Amanda is working on converting them to b&w, and cleaning them up a bit. Ill try to get pics posted sometime soon of the ginished product. Check back here and see what I ve come up with!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

10 things I love right now!

I almost forgot about this! Here they are in no particular order:

1. butt cold days inJan where I dont have toleave thehouse!
2 Breakfast made by Ike!
3 said dh doing the dishes too!! Gotta love that!
4. drinking all the coffee I want!
5. Ike having alight week at work. This man works too hard all the rest of the year so its nice to spend time w/him
6 my new windows that are keepign the drafts out unlike my old windows
7 getting to psend the day scrapping, although I havent really done that yet
8 love that Olivia is over her little virus that shes had all week. high fever not sleeping
9 that AManda got to sleep all night for 8 straight hours!!
10 that Emi is finally back in her apt after it flooded!

Yep Im happy as a fat clam right now!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well its better late than never so heres this weeks KaTIE BLOG CHALLENGE;try something new and blog about it! Here goes...
I know she probably meant something with the camera or settings with the blog but thats not me this week. I FINALLY tried the body step class! Ive been really bummed about the Riverplex cancelling my fav class of all time. Lots of reasons that it failed none made me happy! So I tried a new class right after Christmas called Body Jam. It was fun but too frustrating for me. i tried it twice but never felt the love like I did with the other class. Sooo I changed my PT time and went to the step class. I loved it! I didnt however use the step. Not sure that I ever will but its fine to not use it too! it was so good to move! And sweat! and burn calories that have been hanging round since Christmas! Another class I will try is Body Attack. Ive done it a few timesbut none on a reg basis. But Ill be there bright and early on Monday. I wouldve gone today but I want to scrap instead. And plus these classes arent new so no chance that theyllbe cancelled. NOw that makes me HAPPY!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh boy Ive been a bad blogger! Not even sure what the challenge for the day/week is? Ill have to look.

Ive finally started PT for my poor left shoulder. They thinkits some kind of rotator cuff tendonitis, and some other mumbledey jumbledy medical terms. It hurts but I can see a bit of progress. The best pat is the heat and e-stim at the end!

Ive beenmaking progress with my organizing book. I think Im going to start the organizing if possible at the end of each chapter while Ive still got ideas. Im for sure going to clean the closet of way old clothes and all of Ems stuff and use that! Ill be taking the door off so itll be visible therefore useable!

Today is the like 100th gloomy sunless day in I dont know how long. The sun comes out briefly for a few hours but slips back behind the next storm system! Yuck! Im so tired! I have to get back to the gym! Therapy is cramping my style a bti too! Ill work it out! Sat for sure! I have to get groceries too! I esp hate that!LO But trying new RR recipies that sound yummy! like Cowboy Spaghetti! Il le you know how it turns out!