Sunday, May 25, 2008

cathcing up for May

Wow lots has happened, most of it mundane and boring. I guess the biggest and most constant thing has been the weather! WE are still, and have been all year, consistantly been -10 below normal! Its grey rainy, and causing me alot of pain. The plants I bought two weeks ago are still unplanted. Well some are but alot arent! I should b e out there now doing something but Im just too fatigued! Having family over tomorrow steak, twice baked potatoes, cole slaw, and dessert. Ill be making most of it and may even do the potaoes today. well keyboard is screwy so Im off for now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AFter the weekend

Oh god am I hurting! After a busy weekend Im sort of just recovering!I think Ill for sure feel better! All I did today was lay around and be in pain. I did sleep for about 1/2 hour and do feel much better! Sat was a huge success with pic taking at Rece for the Cure. AManda got 2 for sure photo sessions from it so that made me happy. Spent a wee bit of time at Terrys and saw K and M, Olivia. She was so cute and funny. I couldnt believe that Amanda let her put her hands, and eventually all of the baby doll in the bird bath. Now Id have tried something like that?? Came home and slept for 4 hours woke up and made a good dinner and went back to bed! Oh Im so out of order. How could I have forgotten Friday! It was an all girls trip to SunnyField Farms for flowers. Found some exotic looking plants like Jewels of Opar, and a really tall and spikey African Daisy, nad some od faves too. WE got back to town about 2 or so and went to Olive Garden for lunch but it was more like dinner for me! Now on to Sunday! Mothers Day! Ike woke me with fresh coffee, an egg McMuffin, KK and a huge pretty over the top card! Its like 18x24! I loved it. of cousre its not a holiday without him having to doctor the card a bit!LOL He didnt look really carefully at the fromt of the card and when he got it home he realizes that it says To My Mother, of wich he crossed out w/a black sharpie and wrote wife!LOL Later the dds came over for a wonderful PW roast, and cheesecake. Emi got me things ireally wanted...a lb of SB Pike PLace roast coffee...yummm. And AManda got me things with a bird theme, like a darliing little fat bird, bird themed wooden wind chimes, and a hummingbird feeder. I opened it today and a piece is missing so Ill need to exchange it for one that does! I was all ready to hang it today and everything! Just found out were going to dinner with the kids so Id better scoot from here. I need to shower anyway and wash my hair so its all good. I promise that tomorrow will be a better day! Its check day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oops forgot again

see I told you youd see this title from time to time!LOL We got confirmation that the SA has our crime reports for the dirty bastards that wrote 2 worthless checks. The letter says it can tkae up to 3 months! I sure hope not! Ok Im really done for now! Kiss kiss!

Oops forgot again

see I told you youd see this title from time to time!LOL We got confirmation that the SA has our crime reports for the dirty bastards that wrote 2 worthless checks. The letter says it can tkae up to 3 months! I sure hope not! Ok Im really done for now! Kiss kiss!


Well today was the day that R was suppose to come and clean but her dh is not doing so well after a lap chole, so she was taking him to the dr today. And speaking of dr, I got in to have my toe looked at. Yeah it seems Ive gotten myself an infected blister! Didnt feel so well this after noon so Ive ogt abx on board, and am going to sleep shortly! The reason Im here is that Im waiting for the washer to finish so I can take out the things that need to air dry, a few shirts, a bra, you know the drill! When thats done Im off to la la land! Getting up early to go to Sunnyfield Farms to shop for flowers. Terrys always raved about what unusual plants they have so were all going for a look see for oruselves! Also got my hair cut today. Man o man was it in need of a good trimming!Color will be next month! Beth looks good. I love her so! Well washing is done. Ill come back with all of my flower finds prob on Sunday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy May

Wow i cant believe May is here. We vehad some really nice days followed bys ome really cold/windy/rainy/chilly days! But the days that needed to eb nice were all that and a bag of chips! Ikes birthday was Friday but we didnt do anything till Sunday. Saturday I cropped for 9 hours at the lss. Amanda is doing some photo things for them so I saw her for a bit on Saturday. One of her pics of my los are on the stores blog!So thanks for that Amanda! Sunday was sunny but I was wiped out. Went to b-fast with Amanda and Emi and Olivia. While we were driving there I said oh duh about something and yep you guessed it! We heard "Oh duh" from the carseat!LOL it was just too funny!When we got back I had to do some last minute shopping for Ikes birthday dinner, came home and made the cake. I did nap for an hour or so while the cake cooled off enough to frost. Its was an awesome chocolate layer cake with choc frosting and strawberries between and on top of the cake, with whipped cream on the sides. Dan was over all day long installing some really awesomely cool outside speakers.I got him a nice lounge chair, a throne fit for the king! Emi got him a GC to Gander Mntn, which heloved!And a chamois for his car washing adventures!! On Monday I picked up my beef and came home and crashed!was up in the evening for about 2 hours but otherwise I was sleeping! Yesterday I worked outside for a few hours, finally planting those massive canna bulbs I got earlier in April at the Kane Co Flea Mrkt. I cant wait to see how big they get. And on Friday we are going to Sunnyfield farms to buy flowers to plant. I dont need much as Ive scaled back alot! This place is known for its rather exotic looking stuff so well see! well I nee dto get some appts made ad get on with my day! Thanks for stopping b y!