Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AFter the weekend

Oh god am I hurting! After a busy weekend Im sort of just recovering!I think Ill for sure feel better! All I did today was lay around and be in pain. I did sleep for about 1/2 hour and do feel much better! Sat was a huge success with pic taking at Rece for the Cure. AManda got 2 for sure photo sessions from it so that made me happy. Spent a wee bit of time at Terrys and saw K and M, Olivia. She was so cute and funny. I couldnt believe that Amanda let her put her hands, and eventually all of the baby doll in the bird bath. Now Id have tried something like that?? Came home and slept for 4 hours woke up and made a good dinner and went back to bed! Oh Im so out of order. How could I have forgotten Friday! It was an all girls trip to SunnyField Farms for flowers. Found some exotic looking plants like Jewels of Opar, and a really tall and spikey African Daisy, nad some od faves too. WE got back to town about 2 or so and went to Olive Garden for lunch but it was more like dinner for me! Now on to Sunday! Mothers Day! Ike woke me with fresh coffee, an egg McMuffin, KK and a huge pretty over the top card! Its like 18x24! I loved it. of cousre its not a holiday without him having to doctor the card a bit!LOL He didnt look really carefully at the fromt of the card and when he got it home he realizes that it says To My Mother, of wich he crossed out w/a black sharpie and wrote wife!LOL Later the dds came over for a wonderful PW roast, and cheesecake. Emi got me things ireally wanted...a lb of SB Pike PLace roast coffee...yummm. And AManda got me things with a bird theme, like a darliing little fat bird, bird themed wooden wind chimes, and a hummingbird feeder. I opened it today and a piece is missing so Ill need to exchange it for one that does! I was all ready to hang it today and everything! Just found out were going to dinner with the kids so Id better scoot from here. I need to shower anyway and wash my hair so its all good. I promise that tomorrow will be a better day! Its check day!

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