Monday, June 9, 2008

June is busting out...

and man is it hot! I know I was complaining in the last post about how cold it was, and true to the weather pattern wed been in, the day after memorial day was only 53!I think the next day it was up to almost 80! And since June 3rd its been insufferably hot and humid!My flowers are all in containers or in the planter boxes out front. I think my fave box has bright orange gerbera daisies, a cool lime green plant called the Jewels Of Opar! How cool is that name!, also delicate yellow nemesia, white supertunias, and purple supers. Ive also got a rust and deep purple coleusin a pot as well as some coral million belles in a pot too. My new knockout rosebush is gorgeous with the cool bird bath in the bed beside it. Terry got it for me for christmas! Weigela is stunning and bloomed on old wood for the first time in th ethree yrs its been in the bed. Even my lilac(pink) is reviving nicely. I gave it up for dead two yrs ago when the new roof went on. Every year I still find the roofing nails in the front beds at one time or another. My Queen Elizabeth rose bush has been moved but it looks stressed. I doubt it will b loom this year, even though it had 3 buds on it when I moved it from the pretty much defunct back garden area. I have a small patch where DD is b uried Thats my cat that passed away last july! Lest you think Ive buried one of the girls back there!LOL I have lots of mulching to do. I may do that tomorrow isnce it calling for cooler weather. So theres my garden update!

Olivia is just so darned smart. I know every Grammy says that, but this kid is so much like her mom its eerie! Personality is mischevious like Emilys. Em and O have formed such a speciAL BOND BETWEEN THEM.Oops wasnt shouting!! WE went to breakfast yesterday at Panera and when we were leaving Olivia got really excited and starts like this, uhuhuhuh "wip gwoss" Em says wait till we are in the car, its so cute to watch herpucker up so Emi can put it on, then she and Emi blot and a little more goes on. Its the sweetest pale pink! Well Kim this was for you, so I hoped you "wike it"! Now Ive got to get in the shower after my workout this am!The a/c in the big gym where the classes are isnt working but they said it will be by Wed! I can barely breathe in there. But still had fun! Have a great Monday, and happy birthday Terry! I think shes 55??

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